Most guys, we can recite all of The Godfather, we can recite all of Caddyshack, we can do those kinds of things. Women, by and large, can’t. You guys can say “you complete me”, and that’s about it. And I think it’s because in the history of movies, there have been fewer quotable lines spoken by actresses than actors.

- Aaron Sorkin (follow and join the #LadiesinFilm tag on Twitter to prove him wrong with quotable lines from women across film history). #geenadavis4eva (via nonaswriting)

I have two words for you, Sorkin: AS IF

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I can’t recite all of The Godfather. I can’t even recite all the words to the Apostle’s Creed & I said that shit like every day for years on years.

There aren’t enough male characters in stories about fish and there aren’t enough female characters in stories about the chemical makeup of stars. In other words, Aaron Sorkin makes me feel bad because I’m a man who doesn’t watch iconic movies enough times to know all the words of them.

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